Coloured Traffic Cones for Daycare & Child Care Centres

Traffic cones or witches’ hats are ideal for all types of uses within the childcare environment. From identifying hazards to delineation for keeping order within a centre, our variety of sizes and colours is for children. Team your cones over 300mm with a variety of sleeve colours to support different circumstances, and even decorate the sleeve to identify and protect your investment.

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FAQs about kids' traffic cones

This depends on the size of your childcare centre and the areas you’ll be using them. As a general rule, taller traffic cones are required for larger areas to make sure they’re visible from a long distance. The larger the cone is, the more visible it will be to staff, pedestrians and children.

Small cones are suitable for small areas and indoor settings. They can also be used as sports markers for indicating lanes and pathways without taking up too much space.

For more help finding the right kids’ traffic cone for your childcare centre, contact our team!

The exact amount of cones required for your childcare centre depends on their purpose and the size of your space. To figure out how many kids’ traffic cones you need, we recommend measuring the surface area of your planned activity — for example, if you’re dividing up groups in a classroom, measure how large the room is and how close together your cones need to be. We recommend keeping extra traffic cones at your childcare centre to ensure you always have a few spares handy!

Need help choosing the right amount of cones? Get in touch with our team! We’ll help you find the right amount of cones in the best size and colour for your childcare centre. Shop online today!

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At, we supply only the best quality traffic cones, witches’ hats and associated products, in the largest colour and size range in Australia. Our unique traffic cones are all in stock and ready to ship! Colours includes; pink cones, red cones, blue cones, lime cones, white cones, orange cones, yellow cones and even purple traffic cones!

Mix and match coloured cones with a coloured reflective sleeve in corporate and sporting team colours or for a great finishing touch, include your logo printed on the reflective sleeve or the cone itself. We provide you with a great selection. Our Cones have even been purchased by a myriad of users, including television stations, childcare centers and equestrian clubs!