Traffic & Safety Cones For Schools

Traffic cones or witches’ hats are ideal for all types of uses within the school environment. From identifying hazards to delineation for keeping order, our variety of sizes and colours is ideal for identifying differing usage types. Team your cones over 300mm with a variety of sleeve colours to support different circumstances, and even decorate the sleeve to identify and protect your investment.

FAQs about school cones

Yes, our traffic cones for schools can be safely and easily stacked for convenient storage. If your cones are wet, we recommend drying them before stacking to avoid trapping any water between each cone. This will stop the cones from dripping when stored. We also recommend checking the weight of each cone to ensure you don’t carry too many cones at once. 

The weight of each cone is based on its size. Our school cones are available in the following sizes and weights.

For more information on our cone sizes, contact our team online.

Yes. Our cones are made with sturdy, high-quality PVC that can stand up against severe weather. From storms to heavy rain, strong winds, harsh sunlight, drought conditions and more, our cones are designed to handle all types of weather conditions.

At Coloured Traffic Cones, we design durable cones schools can rely on for exceptional long-term performance, whatever the weather. Order online today and find the right colour, size and sleeve for your school.

Yes. Reflective sleeves are available for our entire range of cones and can be customised with custom designs, logos and emblems. Custom sleeves are a great way to represent your school and identify each cone as part of your school’s property.

To add your school’s emblem to our school cones, simply choose your sleeve colour and upload your logo on the product page.

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Need More Information?

At, we supply only the best quality traffic cones, witches’ hats and associated products, in the largest colour and size range in Australia. Our unique traffic cones are all in stock and ready to ship! Colours includes; pink cones, red cones, blue cones, lime cones, white cones, orange cones, yellow cones and even purple traffic cones!

Mix and match coloured cones with a coloured reflective sleeve in corporate and sporting team colours or for a great finishing touch, include your logo printed on the reflective sleeve or the cone itself. We provide you with a great selection. Our Cones have even been purchased by a myriad of users, including television stations, childcare centers and equestrian clubs!