Worksites: Construction Cones & Safety Cones

Our variety of traffic cones and witches’ hats are ideal for helping out in a variety of WHS situations. Our cones come in a variety of colours and those over 300mm can be teamed with a sleeve in a contrasting colour. Decorate the sleeve with your logo to better protect your investment. 

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FAQs about safety cones

The number of construction cones required for your site depends on the size and layout of the area. Generally, construction sites require at least two cones per hazard area or activity area, though we recommend checking the WHS standards for exact safety requirements.

Generally, larger areas and areas with high traffic will require more safety cones than smaller construction sites.

Construction cones are required for hazardous or high-traffic areas in and around construction sites. While the exact requirements for construction cones are different between different sites, safety cones can be used for the following construction hazards.

  • Live wires
  • Potholes
  • Rough terrain
  • Any indoor and outdoor construction zones
  • Road work
  • High traffic areas
  • Chemical spills
  • Wet or slippery areas
  • Falling debris

Work sites and hazardous areas need to have construction cones placed in line with WHS instructions, which is determined by the size of the hazard, the type of construction site you’re working on and the amount of foot traffic in the area.

When placing construction cones on your site, always provide the same amount of space between each cone. Even spacing creates a clear, consistent barrier and reduces the risk of workers and pedestrians getting confused or attempting to walk through hazardous areas. We recommend using a tape measure to measure the distance between each cone and ensure they’re equally spaced.

While our durable PVC cones are designed to stand up against strong winds and harsh weather, it’s important to ensure your cones aren’t knocked or accidentally moved by teammates or pedestrians throughout the day. Be sure to check your cones frequently or apply bollards to your cones to keep them in place. We also recommend marking the exact point where your cone should be — this way, you can avoid remeasuring the distance between each cone.

Yes. At Coloured Traffic Cones, we understand that visibility is essential for keeping construction sites safe Australia-wide. If you’re working in low-light conditions, add a reflective sleeve to our 450mm, 700mm and 900mm cones in your choice of colour. We can also include your business’s logo on your cone, so you can promote your team or identify your cones if they’re stolen.

For more information about our reflective sleeves or logo printing for construction cones, get in touch with our team today.

Yes. Our construction cones are made with strong PVC material that is built to handle all types of weather conditions. From heavy storms to strong winds, rain, frost and hot weather, our cones provide excellent results all year round.

With proper care and regular cleaning, our PVC construction cones can last for years across a variety of construction sites. Place an order today and protect your site with a high-quality construction cone from our range. Order now.

Order construction cones for your site today – we ship Australia-wide!

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