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There is a traffic cone or witches hat available for every type of sport. From delineation within equestrian arenas and training facilities or of running lanes in unmarked locations for athletic clubs, through to training grid setting for Oz-tag or soccer drills. For cones over 300mm team your cone with a decorated sleeve logo to identify and protect your property.

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FAQs about sports markers and cones

Coloured sports cones are essential for marking clear boundaries during training and matches. It’s important to choose the right size sports cones to ensure your team stays within their perimeter and avoids out-of-bounds penalties.

As a general rule, we recommend using taller cones for large areas like fields. The larger your cone is, the more visible it will be to players across the entire area. Choose a cone from our 450mm, 700mm and 900m range for large areas. Small cones like our 100mm, 150mm and 300mm sports markers are suitable for indoor areas and small settings. They’re also a good choice for kids’ activities, as they’re lighter and easier to pack away at the end of a match.

Not sure what size cone to choose? We’re here to help. Get in touch with our team online and we’ll match you with the perfect size and colour for your needs.

The right colour sports cone depends on your training area. We recommend choosing a colour that will stand out from your surroundings and be easily visible to your teammates. For example, an orange traffic cone will stand out in a green field and reduce the likelihood of players not seeing your cones.

You can also add an optional reflective sleeve to improve the visibility of your cones. This is helpful for training or matches in sunny areas, as harsh sunlight can make it harder to see standard cones.

Yes. At Coloured Traffic Cones, the more you buy, the more you save! We make it easy to find affordable, quality cones in large quantities by providing discounts on the cost of each cone, depending on the number of cones in your order. To find out the cost per cone for your order, take a look at the quantity discount table available on each of our product pages.

Yes. Our coloured sports cones are made with durable PVC material that holds up against harsh weather. Whether you’re training in the rain or playing in muddy conditions, our cones will provide long-lasting performance free from stains, marks and water damage. Plus, the PVC material is quick and easy to clean. Simply hose them down after each game or training session and let them dry in the shade.

Our marker cones weigh between 0.1kg and 4.5kg, depending on their size. Take a look at the weight per cone size and find the right option for your team.

For more information on our cone sizes, get in touch with our team.

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At, we supply only the best quality traffic cones, witches’ hats and associated products, in the largest colour and size range in Australia. Our unique traffic cones are all in stock and ready to ship! Colours includes; pink cones, red cones, blue cones, lime cones, white cones, orange cones, yellow cones and even purple traffic cones!

Mix and match coloured cones with a coloured reflective sleeve in corporate and sporting team colours or for a great finishing touch, include your logo printed on the reflective sleeve or the cone itself. We provide you with a great selection. Our Cones have even been purchased by a myriad of users, including television stations, childcare centers and equestrian clubs!